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A language spoken by the popular actor Sylvester Stallone. Often is accompanied with subtitles on TV, but is mostly just a series of low rumbly noises that originate in the throat, and are propelled by the contraction of the esophagus. This language was recognized by the masses when the first "Rambo" movie premiered, causing audiences worldwide to say: "that guy's got some major steeze."

Pronounced (sta-(like Stab)-low-knees) with the Emphasis on Sta.
"That man speaks with a major stallonese accent!"
"whatever, I'm funna kick his ass."
"Bad call dude, that's Stallone himself."
"I can take him."

10 Minutes pass

"Ow. He broke my legs and then yelled at me in Stallonese for like nine minutes!"
"I told you, that man's Stallonese is perfect!"
by Cowlesie May 31, 2008
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