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A hard, intense workout created by SFC Roger "Stainy" Staneglass, chaplain of Camp Swampy army base in North Carolina. He created this to help him stay in shape between church sermons. All his other solider friends often join him in this.
Stainy: Uh oh, its 0500. I better do my Stainyrobics. (starts stretching himself) Sweet Mary, its a great day!

Orville: (seeing Stainy) Hey Stainy, what are you doing? Is that some sort of weird church workout?

Stainy: No, its just my Stainyrobics. This is kinda crazy, but I love it. Why don't you join me?

Orville: Sure! (starts doing jumping jacks trying to warm himself up)

Amos: (sees Stainy and Orville exercising) Wow! They're doing PT and they didn't invite me! Well, they're gonna get it now. (screaming) TEN HUT! At ease. Can I join you guys?

Stainy: Sure! Here, try pumping this a few times. (he hands Amos a big wooden cross) Just make believe you're Jesus trying to carry it, only its too heavy.

Amos: Whoah! My biceps are burning. I bet Martha would have a freak-out if she saw us doing this! What a Mother's Day present, I'll go home with some burning Brigadier biceps!!
by Dusty's Baby Powder May 08, 2011
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