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Mandatory Meetings held to pass useless information to supervisors / middle management / proles and design useless campaigns to "improve morale" while reducing headcount, increasing workloads and reducing pay/bonuses. Intent of the staffinfection is to have it evolve into Circle jerk but this rarely occurs as attendance is mandatory, and like an infection - no one wants to be around it.
The Leader announced at the staffinfection that he will be making (store bought) cookies for everyone to show how much he cares and wants to be loved and thought of as a bro.
Management announced at the staffinfection that although that staffing levels are 45% reduced and that there were record profits and more work to be completed, No positions would be filled and no overtime would be authorized / approved.
by Guacacado October 29, 2018
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A member of a company or office job who is obnoxious or unbearable most of the time with a result of making you want to mix Jack Daniels with Vicoden everyday.
May: Oh dear Lord, why did they hire that women? She doesn't even do anything, when she does she throws tantrums and bitches.

June: Oh I know, she's such a staff infection.
by surrrra May 25, 2007
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A contagion-caused illness transmitted to you by the personnel at a business-establishment.
Harry claims to have gotten a staff infection at the hospital, but I can't see how that could be --- all the workers there are very careful about germs, so it seems unlikely that he would have caught any illnesses from them. Plus he's such an ugly and obnoxious-natured dude that I seriously doubt that any of the female nurses would have wanted to have sex with him.
by QuacksO October 31, 2018
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