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Small liberal arts college located in Latrobe, PA, about an hour from Pittsburgh. Despite some bogus ass policies and an administration with a knack for incompetency, misspending your $28K tuition on useless claptrap, SVC is a great place for starting a career; especially if that career is booze jockey. Don't mistake this college as one of discipline, even with a bunch of monks running around, because those rosy-cheeked clerics drink more than the student body combined. Hell, they used to have their own brewery before it burned down in the 60's. Give those crazy Bavarians a bottle of Heineken and they'll be your best friends for life (and death, since they'll be here when they die as St. Vincent is haunted out the bung). Even though we haven't had a football team in over 40 years, SVC is a bitchin' place to go and drink, meet some good people, and maybe learn a thing or two in between. Gotta love it!
*Steelers (even though they suck, GO RAVENS!)
*Typical college tramps, asses, nerds, and chill people
by The Hospitaller April 26, 2005
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A small higher learning institution in lay-trobe pennsylvania where the men come creepy and the monks are plentiful. in the 2009-10 school year, the girl of 2a in St benedict hall ruled the school. 2A bitches for life
hey, those girls at St. vincent college are bangin.

no way, only the ones in 2A were

true true
by the bitch of 2A May 08, 2010
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