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St. Matthew High School is in the middle of Orleans and has a population of about 1,400 students. Every single grade 7/8 act like retards while grade 9’s are just on the verge of realizing how retarded they really were. Grade 10’s are starting to date grade 9’s because that is the new trend at St. Matthew High School. Grade 10’s are also starting to lose their virginities, but Grade 11’s are too. Grade 11’s smoke weed, get drunk on weekends and start all the school drama. Every single Grade 11 would want to become Co-President next year, but only about 5 of them would take an effort to do so. Grade 12’s are thinking about college now and honestly no one pays attention to them. They just do their own thing. St. Matthew High School is known for their shitty basketball team, their drug use, nicotine addicts, that one furry girl, messy lockers, fake friends, expensive uniforms and their “talented” and “upcoming” soundcloud rappers (The rappers won’t be shit in the future). St. Matthew High School is one hell of a school.
yo, what school do you go to?
I go to St. Matthew High School in Orleans.

How’s that?
It’s just a shittier St. Pete’s.

Oh I see.
by haydengreemo May 20, 2019
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Catholic high school in the semi-poor part of Orleans. Known for shitty uniforms, being the high school of that music kid from a semi-popular band, and white bitches who say the n word. There’s also a kid who has a shit ton of Tik Tok followers. Not much aside from that and 7/8th graders slipping tongue in the stairwells and putting the garbage bin in the bathroom sink. holy fuck i hate this school
St Matthew High School is a shit hole and i can’t wait to graduate
by cursededits4u’s wife May 23, 2019
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Known for the funniest class ever in history (804). Funny popular kids. A bunch of clowns in 7/8. iPhone SE’s. THICCOLASSSSSSSS. A man who had a shit load of tik tok followers. Kids who did Washroom Wednesday. The people who go to St Matts in 2019 are having a great time at least for the 7-9.
St Matthew High School is the best school

Oh really?

by Biggest Jester August 28, 2019
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