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St. Francis, aka Skank Francis aka the trou ba whores, is a private high school located in Sacramento. It is filled with sluts and cunts who don't have any realization that the world doesn't revolve around them. All they think about is boys, from Jesuit, and sending the most nudes. However, if you don't fit in with this you will probably be an outcast, gossiped about, and won't have any friends.
Wow look at those girls from St. Francis High school, I bet they are easy.
by englandismycity44 September 02, 2017
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A prestigious school in La Canada that is full of pretty boys that feed off the sloppy seconds of the Loyola Boys.
Loyola Cub 1: Hey man how's Sharon doing?

Loyola Cub 2: Duuuuuuuude Sharon got really beat after I broke up with her I think she's hooking up with a St. Francis High School kid now.
Loyola Cub 1: As expected haha poor girl
by hobocentral July 07, 2016
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St. Francis is a small catholic high school in la canada ca
Its mascot is the Golden Knight. it is a relatively small school ranging from 130 to 160 students per grade. The school competes in the division one mission league of the cif southern secion even though the school is supposed to be in division three. It still beats the division one schools in many sports.
Hey did you hear that St. Francis High School destroyed all those D1 schools? I bet if they were in D3 they wouldnt lose a game
by A random Person5 May 21, 2011
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