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One of the most dangerous housing developments in the U.S.

Located in New Orleans' 7th Ward, the complex was built over a few decades, beginning in the 1940s and has the distinction of being the 2nd largest housing project in the New Orleans. Like most public housing developments, it was not a very safe complex but by the standards set by other facilities in the city, like the Magnolia Projects, it was one of the New Orleans' safer projects until planned closures began and residents of the St. Thomas Projects and Desire Projects were moved into the St. Bernard.

The project was torn down in mid 2008, and is currently being rebuilt as Columbia Parc, a mixed-income neighborhood.
Man 1 - Aye, I heard they tore down the St. Bernard Projects.

Man 2 - Yep. Now those people have to relocate.
by Nola-Boy March 28, 2010
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