St Ives High is a high school runover by eshlads, eshays and adlays alike, everybody likes to hit a fat stig in the bathroom then make out with each other.

- bongwater hits 420
oh wow, St Ives High School is fucking garbage even Mr Watson can never catch us stigging!!111!
by bongwater hits 420 October 6, 2021
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St ives high school is a school who likes to spend the government funding on sandstone bricks instead of using it to get some fucking better utilities
Construction worker: "Hey for the school should we use the funding from the government to make the bathrooms not smell like absolute shit?"
Mr Watson: "NO, get more sandstone bricks."

Construction worker: "But we could use that funding for..."
Mr Watson: "We need more sandstone bricks."
St ives high school also has a bunch of faggots ripping stigs in the bathroom
by Mr Watson February 8, 2022
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A school who uses the government's funds for sandstone bricks.
St ives high school:
Person 1: "Hey with the funding, should we replace the bathrooms that smell like fucking shit?"
Principle: "NO, more sandstone bricks"

Person 1: "but"
Principle: "put as many SAND STONE BRICKS as you can"
by Mr Watson February 8, 2022
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