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The act of making a snake like sound when a fake-friend/scammer/snitch/two-faced/evil-person enters the room in hopes of reminding everyone else to watch what they say or else you could end up getting snaked in the future.
Matt: Yeah, I killed 5 of them mojitos last night and banged out two broads. what'd you do?
<Ray the Rapist enters the room>
Grayson: SsSssS
Dre: SsSssS
Wes: SsSssS
Billy: It's snowing outside, how pretty.
Brittany: Let's go play in it.
by MrShastaz December 21, 2010
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"According to the Naruto manga, the sound sand makes is ssssss.." - Me
by Speedy Shinoda October 07, 2007
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A fanbace joke for a youtuber Wilber soot
It is pronounced bbbbbbb. Or as the soundyou make when you push air through your closed mouth.
Wilber: can i get some ß's in chat
Wilber Soots fan base: ßßßß
by ßßßßßßßß May 01, 2020
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