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A condition where persons afflicted are
given to severe episodes of insanity such as intense passion for a single person, material object or game (particuarly video games). Most people who have this condition are born with it, but some contract it by being in close proximity to someone with it for long periods of time. Other side effects of this condition include(but are not limited to) enhanced perception, precognative abitlities,
advanced motor skills, voracity, and in some cases, saddness or depression.
There is no known cure for this condition. However, most people with this condition learn to suppress the negitive side effects with meditation, exercize (mental and physical), counsoling and various forms of relaxation. Persons who experience negitive side effects that cannot be overcome by these methods, can always find other methods. Persons with this condition must remember to use it to their advantage, because great things can be accomplished employing the positive aspects. Hope, patience and devotion are the most common side effects.

--The first documented case of Sri occured in 2000 by an agent of
the Bureau of Parnormal Research and Defense, but researchers of The Bureau suspect this condition has existed since 1984.--
She was diagnosed with Sri Syndrome.
by Undisclosed Participant January 14, 2004
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