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This is a female who has joined a Greek organization who "can't even" or "literately deal". Can be found at a "bro" location. She typically can be found in any of the following: fur vest, high waisted shorts(ass cheeks must be showing), crop tops (saying fuck me, free, boss ass bitch, sometimes just bitch), snap back (she doesn't know the team), combat boots, leggings(also counts as pants), ray bans (even when it's not sunny). Every songs is her song as she precedes to twerk as she believes that she can. She probably spilled her drink on you at a bar. They swear Juicy J is their artist even though they only know three songs. She doesn't associate with GDI's (god damn independents)
dude: see that girl trying to twerk? But can't.

dude 2: yea she's sratchet, why does she have on a fur vest?
by Fratchet14 April 04, 2014
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sratchet (adj) -1. a word used to describe a "ratchet" sorority girl; 2. acting in a manner involving both ratchet and stereotypical "srat girl" actions, including but not limited to: punch parties, having monogramed koozies, using instagram filters, taking selfies, and hanging out at only 1 fraternity on campus
Abby: "OMG I just totally went to that punch party at Sigma Nu last night and was so sloshed dancing on their pong table! I fell off and puked in their bathroom"
Madison: "Girl you're being so sratchet right now"
by Average Srat Girl September 22, 2013
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