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A quotation used for describing someone with a squirrel like face
I remember who you are now...My brother used to call you Squirrel Face at school!!
by Soozy Magoozy March 07, 2009
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1. A woman with a huge ugly face, resembling that of a squirrel with nuts in its cheeks

2. Hitting someone with the face of a squirrel
Damn, that girl be a squirrel face! Man, dawg, look at that squirrel face....*throws up*
by Dapizzimp February 25, 2007
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When a man puts his balls in a girls mouth and has her place them, with her tongue, on each side of her mouth, so her cheeks puff up like a squirrel.
Marcus: Hey Marissa, lemme give you a Squirrel face
Marissa: Sure how do you do it?
Marcus: Open wide and you'll see...
by Josh Weiss March 07, 2012
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