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Squipple/squipples - a sexual technique in which the male partner squeezes or pinches one or both of his female partner’s nipples as she approaches or achieves her orgasm. This technique should obviously only be undertaken with the express or clearly implied consent of the female partner. Note - some women have extremely sensitive nipples and do not enjoy manual or lingual (with the tongue) attention to these erogenous zones, particularly if they have given birth and breast-fed their infants.
Manuel: “Whoo hoo ... we came together that time, that was amazing baby.”

Bettina: “Could you feel me squeeze you?! I was so nearly there, and just couldn’t quite reach it, and then you gave me that delicious squipple and I tipped over the edge. Then it was like waves, on and on, as you tensed up with one of those deep thrusts and I pulled you in as you came. I’m still trembling, look.”

Manuel: “I could feel you pulsing just as I shot - I’m on empty now baby, I’m dry. Look at that baby island!”
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by Katie4eyes July 25, 2018
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a squid's nipple, especially in the context of the WiiU game Splatoon
"Did you see the Splatoon fan art I sent you? The artist gave her such big squipples."
by The Clafabio July 09, 2015
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