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A pet name used by fans to represent the pairing of Squall Leonhart (Final Fantasy VIII, Kingdom Hearts) and Yuffie Kisaragi (FFVII, KH) as a couple. {variants: SQUIFFIE, SQUAFFIE}
Pronunciations may vary. SKOO-fee, SKUH-fee, SKWI-fee, SKWUH-fee, SKWOO-fee and SKWAH-fee are all generally accepted.

It is known that many hardcore Squffie fans harbor a deep and vicious hatred for Rinoa Heartilly, Leonhart's love intrest in FFVIII, though certainly not ALL feel this way (some even going as far as to LIKE her). As a result, some Squiffie fanfiction may include Rinoa bashing (always good fun!), but most focuses purely on the relationship between the two characters.

Warning: Squffie fics are ANGST RIDDEN. Do not read if you are pregnant, nursing or in a fragile state of mind, as SquffieAngst can be highly addictive.
"...there is just no way that Squffie could ever be possible..."

"...Squffie is about the most adorable thing I think I've evah seen! I find it really inspiring, actually..."

"...A quick drabble about what Squallie thought of Yuffie saying he was 'cute' in the first game. Squffie, pure fluff..."
by Laughing Wolf September 28, 2006
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