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The natural phenomenon observed when one eats a burger or similar bun-based food, squeezing the bun too hard, forcing the burger to slowly eject itself from between the buns. If this process continues, the user may be forced to consume purely burger and no bun, leaving the user with solely buns and toppings.

Some possible causes include:

-user inexperienced with bun-based foods
-too much lubrication (ketchup, mustard, etc)
-wet toppings including tomatoes
-nonuniform squeezing of the bun
-basic bun malfunction (cracking or tearing)

If experiencing Squeeze Theorem, the user should remain calm and not panic. Sudden movements may be fatal.
"Hey man, where do you want to go eat?"
"Lets grips some A&W"
"d00d, I hate that place, my burg always gets Squeeze Theorem"
"yeaaa... I remember, you had to get a refill on that burg"
by alaska st33v June 18, 2009
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