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A word derived from the animal "squirrel". Squails are known to be extremely loyal to their fellow squails, saving them from enemies and danger. Squails tend to have a lot of positive, uplifting energy and are very intelligent. They usually run in packs of two, and are often unreceptive of other squails.They are especially disdainful of reptiles. When someone is "squaily" it is not to be confused with "scaly".
You are ugly, boring and you have a bad attitude, I wish that you would be more squaily
by swithanh January 13, 2012
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Squails are bottom feeding ocean roaches that only wish they were a lobster! They can be found in the cold Atlantic waters of the northeastern U.S. and Canada.

People such as lawyers and used car salesmen have been known to be referred to as "squails" since in some regions folks in these occupations are regarded as "bottom-feeders."
"Ambulance-chasing" law firms on tv commercials soliciting litigants; similar to pharmaceutical marketing firms luring people to become patients of unecessary remedies. People of this ilk are squails.

"Listen here, dum-dum. "If you don't smarten up real quick I'm gonna treat you like a red-headed step-squail and knock the icing off your cupcake! "Are we on the same page now?"
by Flatlanderfromhell February 28, 2010
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