Spunkgargleweewee (SGWW) is a sub-genre of first-person-shooter games. These games are very linear and focused on telling a story or showing spectacular (cut-) scenes, rather than gameplay or challenging the player. Hence, they often have regenerating health and plenty of guides towards the next scene. Oftentimes, these games are extremely easy. The player does not have to perform well to win, because the NPC-allies win combats on their own, while the player can hardly die at all. Mistakes of the "player" are not supposed to disturb the flow of the story.
Since Spunkgargleweewees are more focused on linear storytelling than on gameplay, they could also be defined as interactive (action) movies.

The term was coined by Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw in his zero-punctuation review of "Medal of Honor Warfighter".
Call of Duty is a Spunkgargleweewee.
Spunkgargleweewees are the Michael Bay movies of gaming.
by Algoman November 27, 2013
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A term used to describe bland clones and unimaginative works in media.
This game is just another Spunkgargleweewee churned out for the masses.
by Dauntless Design Studio November 21, 2012
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