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A good looking man or woman. One so good looking that you would either spunk on her face or let him spunk on your face.
Fucking hell this place is full of spunkfaces!

That guy is a real spunkface!
by Lolllajam February 10, 2010
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A person who likes to chugg on cock and reap the creamy reward like a complete slut.
"Yo brian you momma is a cock hungry spunkface."

"Fuck you spunkface, your not getting anymore jizz out of me."
by Chilled Messiah July 14, 2004
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Either, a sexy girl whose face you'd love to spunk over or a sexy boy who you would let spunk on your face.

Either way it is a phrase used when you fancy someone that you see out.
'He is a real spunk-face'
I'd love to spunk on her face
I'd let him spunk on my face

by Loja September 22, 2007
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A face (preferably a female's) covered in a man's baby gravy after having sex or after getting head.
She gave me head and when I nutted I left her with a Spunk face.

After getting head from that chick, I left Spunk on her face.
by Spunk Flex August 12, 2011
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