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Spud Pong is a well-established sport across the borough of Brent in North-West London (UK). It is a modified version of what is known to be Table Tennis. The first ever Spud Pong match was played on Thursday 29th of July 2010 at 6.30pm.

The game originated in North West London and was created by a group of entrepreneurial 17 year olds after an overdose of Barbecued Tomato Coloured Chicken Tikka, Shish Kebab, Lamb Tikka & Rainbow Dust with a finishing of Chiy and Vanilla&Blueberry Shisha. The genius minds of these unique individuals made them capable of the creation of this spectacular game.

The game consists of four players, similar to a typical '2 on 2' table tennis match using the same table, rackets and balls. However it can consist of 4, 6 or 8 players.
The rules are the same as of any ordinary Table Tennis match except for the following distinctions (all SPUDpoints are won in the same manner as points in Table Tennis except for as explained below):

..Players must join fists throughout all gameplay (except when the ball is out of play) in an intricate style in the shape of what has recently been coined as a 'spud' in the 21st Century by urban youths when greeting each other (previously known as 'touch').

..For every time the ball is hit by a player he must shout 'SPUD' in the time frame of when he/she hits the ball until the opponent hits the ball.

..In Spud Pong 2nd SpudServes are allowed (equivalent to a Table Tennis serve but while SPUDing).

..If the ball is in play and one or more players' hands unspud they LOSE one of their SPUDpoints (recognize that the opponent does not win a point). And if SPUD has not been shouted by one of the team players when the ball was hit, the opponents win one SPUDpoint (within the time frame).

These distinctive modifications to the slightly more popular game of Table Tennis are what define Spud Pong.

WARNING: Gameplay is most enjoyable when most high.
by BoredOrHigh August 28, 2010
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