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An expression of annoyance, anger, or disgust (often used when making light of the situation) in the form of a guttural "aaaaaaaargh,” derived from an episode of the Saturday Night Live sketch "Sprockets" (starring Mike Myers as Dieter, the eccentric German talk-show host) that contained the feature "Germany's Most Disturbing Home Videos." The introduction of this sub-sketch featured an old man saying its title and then doing the guttural vocalization while moving his false teeth.

Abbreviated as “{sg}” in electronic communication.
Spoken: "We've been here for 10 minutes and nobody's even taken our drink order yet!"

"Lack of service! Aaaaaaargh!

Typed: "I woke up at 6:30 to the sound of the lawnmower outside my window. {sg}"
by Chris Fagan May 02, 2005
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