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A very fucking small town in Texas, a piece of shit, pretty much. It consists of 90%hillbillies, 70%beaners, 60%fuckboys and 95% whores. Most of the kids in springtown seem to be very unintelligible and think of marijuana as there only savior. Even though they can't get high from it because they don't know how to smoke properly. Most of the football players think they are badass when actually they win very few games. They use these "inspirational" quotes that are like: "Everyday we grind, to be on the top, even when you want to quit, you never stop" sappy asf right ? The girls there are so unattractive that they have to be completed sluts to feel worth something. After a breakup they completely spill it all over social media, and then immediately find another boyfriend and pretend to love life. Most of them already consist 90% forehead so I get their vibe I guess. They all have no asses and pretend like they do, either fat or too skinny, and complete skanks. They post group photos with their "popular" friends that is actually just the crew from a strip club. All the girls there are not worth anyone's time they are all Unloyal hoes. Well, the thing about springtown is this is a place where ghetto trailer kids go. I'm just being honest. It's alright no one from springtown will understand it because they are practically all autistic.
"bruh did you hear about how trashy springtown is?"

"Uh yeah, they invited me to one of their party's, and it was the f*cking worst, they didn't even know how to smoke right, and kept dropping the weed!"
by Eatshit24 November 12, 2017
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Springtown texas, a small town but yet elligable to read on a map. Springtown has not much features but is a great place for a small home if your looking for one. They may seem like hillbillies but there just like you, doing anything possible to get the job done. The ladies here are either well conservitive and well manored or very openly rude and disrespectful or lost.The gentlemen are worse they have little to no respect for themselves nor the woman. There is a strong fuse of marijuana here but the people who are using it are just trying to get away. There is nothing wrong with that. They are not harvard or Princeton but they do the most. However there is students there willing to work and train hard enough just to leave the enclosed town.
I appreciate what springtown high school has to offer.
by Eatshit25 May 14, 2018
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