(TYPICALLY AUSTRALIAN) A game played by two or more people in a car, when one participant sees a vehicle which is at least 50% yellow, has two wheels, and is powered by an engine they may punch another participant of their choice.

Nah Mate, it's only the back panel of the car
by Supermanmeat July 14, 2018
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A game played by school kids on buses. Whenever a yellow car, truck, van or wotever is spotted, one must make a 'spearing' motion in the directon of the yellow vehicle and scream spotto or yellowcar-o. only one person can claim each car unless you are jake weeks who is a bitch and cant hack anything.
RANGA:(sees yellow toyota)"SPOTTO!"
JAKE:Fuck off ranga! i got that car
RANGA: Get fucked you fat shit
by james-ranga-69 August 25, 2008
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'Spotto' the word can be used when spotting or seeing either a person or a vehicle of interest and then posting a picture of it up online. Often used in online car groups when a member is seen out in public and someone has taken a picture of them and posted the picture up in the group or sent the picture to them with the word 'Spotto' attached. Can also be used in sms txt or email when sending someone a picture of something that is of interest to them or something that theyd look for or search for. I.e an old picture of themselves or their vehicle.

Attach picture of person/vehicle here

I spotted a picture of your Datsun out driving today!
by sss1600 November 18, 2019
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A game similar to punch buggy played with two or more people whilst in an automobile. Whenever some one spots a blue number plate with black writing they shout out "spotto!" and punch the nearest person/peoples as hard as possible. Once spotto has been declared it cannot be said again until a different car passes. Parked spottos do not count. A popular game in the early 00's, but soon got old and increasingly frustrating, especially for the driver.
Hermes: Mmm, this icecream sure is-SPOTTO!
Jubilee: If you punch me one more time, I'll stop the car and you can walk home!
Hermes: I dropped my icecream all over the leather seats.
Jubilee: Thats it, out of the car!
by Sam and co. January 24, 2006
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It’s caused by a type of jelly fish in kewarra beach to sting you and create a blue rash all over your legs it can only harm people who have been stung though other people can get this rash.
Spotto disease caused by kewarra beach jelly fish.
by Spotto disease December 13, 2021
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