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(also maybe referred to as "charlestokanite", however, this falls into the category of slang)

A reference to the widespread bonds of friendship, and culture formed between inhabitants of Charleston South Carolina, and Spokane Washington This does not simply refer to a couple friendships formed, but a widespread phenomena which arises from the fact that in the United States Air Force an extremely common assignment combo is Charleston AFB, then Fairchild (Spokane) AFB, and back to Charleston AFB. Specifically, this culture exists because of the moving back and forth across the country of Air Force personnel and their families, and the resulting interaction with both Charlestonians and Spokanites. It is this interaction that has formed a distinct bridge between the liberal, coffee-loving, granola eating personality of the northwest, and the laid back, redneck, sweet tea slurping which defines the south.

Unique features of the Spokanicharlestonian culture include:

-a running discourse drawing paralells between muddin', and snowboarding
-a general obsession with the other city
-a thriving trade via UPS of sc goodies such as boiled peanuts or grits, for wa goodies such as exceptional coffee.
-extreme dependence on the social site "facebook" for the maintenance of said culture
ajay: dude, i heard they might start building dutch brothers coffee places on king street in downtown charleston

nick: REALLY?? man, that would be so spokanicharlestonian
by Thaddeus Hughes April 04, 2010
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