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Spohndose is a martial art of American origin. Spohndose is a synthesis of various Korean fighting methods, enhanced with various forms to harden the bones and muscles. It was introduced to the North America in 1941 by various Spohndose practitioners who migrated to America during the mid 20th century.

Spohndose emphasizes dangerously powerful striking techniques, such as punching and kicking, knee/elbow strikes and open hand techniques. However, joint locks and restraints are inherent in the advanced levels of Spohndose. Simple punching and kicking is by far too one dimensional to be classified as Spohndose.

In general, Spohndose training is divided into three major areas, Cade, Meh, and Kumite. Cade is the construction of calcium deposits, the basic component required to withstand the rigorously brutal effects the art has on the human body. Calcium deposits are required, otherwise simple striking techniques may bruise, cause serious damage to, or even break one's bones. Meh means 'Influence' and is a series of different techniques, emphasizing staring techniques, linked together by the principles that influence express, often regarded as the most powerful mind control technique. Kumite means 'sparring' and develops from a series of concentrated blows to one's face, neck, upper back, chest, abdomen, and lower back, as well as full contact sparring.

It is important to know that the cade/meh/kumite division of curriculum is by no means a complete representation of the sum of the art, and almost no information can be deemed as 100% accurate, due to the art's level of secrecy.
"Give me your money now, kid."
"Please, would you really be willing to blindly throw your life away for a few dollar bills from one who knows Spohndose like me?"
by Robert Nadeau June 19, 2006
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