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Any participant in muliplayer online games who is tiresomely pedantic about criticizing other players on same team or other guests in room chats, usually to cover up his/her own mistakes and shortcomings.

Origin is uncertain, but may be derived from Star Trek's Spock character because connotation is someone trying by appear logical, while actually lacking social intelligence and maturity.
That damn sploc made me die 3 times, then told everyone i sucked. Who is that guy? I'm never being on his team again!
by Wubbus November 14, 2010
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verb and nomen like a sploc = a less insulting more persistent nagging /& bitching troll

to sploc = persistent nagging and bitching with the sole purpose to "win " a discussion without using reality or logic
Dont be a sploc , stop molesting noobs .
by DMocracy November 07, 2010
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