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A class of homosapiens which came about from the cross of a retarded tree frog and a autistic Orangutan. They are valued in the arts of pleasing others with their extraordinary gift of stupid comments and slow remarks. It is to common belief that they are good at the XBOX360 game Shaun White Snowboarding, but this was recently proven wrong. You will know you are in the presence of a Spivack when they constantly use phrases such as "It's Straight", "So GAYYY", "Fuckin' Faggot", "Ghskkdkrewsdsfhgg!". Often these phrases will be used in fits of anger which can be controlled with the simple tool of a plunger to the head. It is the most common move to contain a wild Spivack. Their weakest vital point on the body is the head, almost any where else is ineffective. Their most famous contribution to our society is their pronographic website called One of their most common hobbies is to smoke weed, in which case they become very lazy but extremely funny. In all a spivack is a very simple life form, and does not contribute in many ways other than pleasing whoever is friends with them with.
Guy 1: Whoaaaa! that guys acting all spivack up in here.
Guy 2: Get a plunger.
by Hobb a Goblin December 08, 2008
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