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Walk toward a pedestrian who is walking in the opposite direction as you are, and go out of your way to intercept their path. Right before impact, execute a 360 degree rotation around them and continue walking behind them normally without breaking pace. DO NOT LOOK BACK. (best done with two or more people; one to execute the move and one to catch the reaction.) Spin moving is recognized as one of the foremost forms of recreational activity at Xavier High School.
"Yo, son, look at that guy walkin down the street! You thinkin' what I'm thinkin'?"

"Helllll yeah! Let's go spinmove that sucka!"
by SirJackassIII January 22, 2006
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The spin move is a theory we have developed to explain the phenomemon surrounding the control of your significant other. To be an effective spin mover, you must know how to turn any situation around to gain control in the relationship. An effective spinmover can turn a conversation around to favor their decision/opinion. If you have control in the relationship you are ultimately making decisions for the relationship without being obviously dominant or controlling.

Example: If two people are deciding what plans to make for the night, a spin mover would be able to not only get their way, but also do it without seeming like they care at all. A dialogue for a typical spin move would include indirectly answering questions, ignoring questions all together to get the other person to be constantly wondering what you're thinking, or adding irrelevant questions to try and confuse the other person and get them to forget their point or argument all together.
by uwscruff November 20, 2007
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