Spin-to-win refers to a fighting style that relies heavily on rapid spinning movements and rotations of the body, both to increase attack speed/coverage and to discourage enemies from getting too close. Due to its speed, mobility, safety, and effectiveness, it is often used excessively to great effect, hence the "win". This fighting style is often used in tandem with bladed weapons, to turn oneself into a slashing cyclone. Spin-to-win can either refer to a character who is famous/infamous for heavily employing this fighting style, or simply refer to the fighting style itself.

This fighting style is commonly portrayed in video games and fictional media, since its usefulness in real life is almost non-existent, due to the abnormally high amounts of dizziness it would cause.
Steve: Dude, why do you keep using Link's spin attack? Can't you use something else?

Bill: Spin-to-win baby!
by DeeeFoo October 17, 2017
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The act of playing Garen (an outspoken person allowed to run with a sharp object whom you can't ignore but want to) who in the popular online game League Of Legends (LOL) releases his inner frustration (from being picked on for being a sparkly douche) by spinning wildly and involving opponents in his stabby moment in order to win.
League Player Chat
EvilClown (Shaco): "Hey it's Garen!"
EmoMumE (Amumu): "Run away man, run awaaaay!"
EvilClown (Shaco): "Don't worry he'll never catch m-

Garen: "DEMOCIAAAA!!!"

=AN ALLY HAS BEEN SLAIN= (Garen - Shaco)

League Player Chat
MerryGoRound (Garen): Spin to win!!
EvilClown (Shaco): Q.Q
by SpiffyMiffy February 5, 2012
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