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An energy drink manufactured in Colorado (ironically, it has also been banned by a Colorado high school after some dumbasses drank too much and got sick) that contains approximately 300 mg of caffeine per 8.4 ounce can(about the same as 3 cups of coffee). It is sold in Colorado and Northern California.
The warning label states that you shouldn't drink if you're "under the age of 16, elderly, pregnant, or using it with any weight-loss supplements or OTC drugs used for the treatment of high blood pressure or asthma."
Users are highly recommended to drink only half of a can at first to determine your tolerance level to the drink, and to only drink one can per day.
One can of Mountain Dew contains about one fifth of the amount of caffeine as a Spike Shooter. No, I'm not kidding.
by Honkey McWhiteyson May 29, 2007
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Most hardcore energy drink on the market.
300mg of caffeine
0 calories
0 sugar
0 carbs
25,000% B12
You're only allowed to drink 1 can a day!
Pussy #1: "man, i'm so tired. I'm gonna get a redbull"
Pussy #2: "Redbull sucks, it's all about Monster"
Energy Junky: "You're both pussies. You'll need about 312 redbulls to get the same b12 as 1 Spike. And monster is for pregnate women. Grow some balls and get a spike shooter."

Ex2: Monster is a sedative compared to Spike Shooter
by audiophile8246 February 04, 2008
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The greatest energy drink on the face of the earth. It is great when you have work a shift and you are so tired you can barely keep your eyes open. It has 25,000% of your daily B12. Do not drink Spike if you have to wake up early the next morning for you will not be able to sleep at all.
Dave: *yawn* I'm so tired I wish I didn't have to work a double shift at work in an hour.

Steve: Just drink a spike shooter.

Dave: I would but I have to wake up at 6 to go to class in the morning, I think I'll just drink a Redbull.
by Alex Eb August 28, 2007
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