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1. To be spiffy or to obtain a lot of spiff
2. To be flashy, fly, and fresh
3. To be well dressed, and well swagged out
Travis Porter has a song defining spiffed up
- I'm clean, I'm spiffy, It's amazing ain't my spiff terrrific..
- I keep my pants creased, I keep my jeans tucked, i let my pants sag kuz i dont give a f*ck...polo shirt, check my polo bag, fresh hair cut come and take a photo man

Bob-man i hope john dresses good for the club, im trying to take some girls home
Mike-Yea but i hope he doesn't get too spiffed up, he'll make us look bad

- Bruh you see that dude over there all spiffed up, man i bet he got hella guap and pull hella hoes
- Hell yea man he's spiffed out ridiculous
by young mr. differenter May 07, 2010
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The act of being dressed up in a suit and tie, for an occasion or for no reason at all.
Matt: I feel like getting spiffed up and going to a nice club tonight. These dive bars are getting old.
Jack: Calm down
by Random user May 03, 2017
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