a spidget finner is unlike a fidget spinner, as it is superior. only roblox legends have acces to the big spidget
my spidget finner skills are my biggest flex
by thicc boi May 09, 2019
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(Noun) A stick which has holes in it. Cannot be spun and it's only use is to be looked at and it's name said "spidget finner"
I hate fidget spinners so I bought a spidget finner
The spidget finner was on the table
by Randdom Words May 30, 2017
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A spidget finner is a joke. It is a fidget spinner but it was originally created when a company didn't want to get sued.
via giphy
by Pasta is my champ January 13, 2018
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Now irrelevant hand spinners that are said to help you focus. AKA fidget spinners
I can't believe I wasted money on so many spidget finners when I knew the trend would die out
by Jezij December 07, 2018
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