Term used to describe the motion of fingers while flying across the fret-board of a guitar. In a particular style of playing it almost looks like spider legs jumping around the fret board, thus creating "Spider-fingers".
"dude, look at Richs' spider-fingers!!, shred it up!!"
by Rich St.Pierre April 12, 2008
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Spider Fingers refers to a skill utilized in rock climbing. It is usually utilized in bouldering, but its use is not limited to sport climbing. An individual moves his/her fingers much like a spider would across hard to reach rock surface in order to grip the best possible hold.
Dude I can't reach the hold i'm gonna fall! Yo just spider finger that shit you'll be ok.

I lack the wingspan that douche-bag Chris has for the v5 we tried yesterday but I managed to spider finger up to that massive jug.
by BBatman April 05, 2010
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