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A place where unholy amounts of chavs, gypsies and psychos run around knifing everyone up and ruining peoples lives. A place where no good person is safe. A place where rave and crappy nightclubs live. A PLACE THAT EVERYONE WILL HATE BECAUSE ITS A TIP.
Chav 1: Hew you comin ova spennymoor tonite
Chav 2: yer mate
Good person: *runs to find other place to live*
by loldoyoulikecookies October 22, 2011
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A place where generations of family's have lived and worked , a mining town with a good community spirit where people look out for each other and speak to each other. It's also a place with warmth and love. It is the gateway to Durham which is another wonderful northern delight
Spennymoor welcomes and befriends people

Despite the unemployment , Spennymoor is rich in spirit and love

After my partner died in 2015, I met a lass in a bereavement chat room who had also lost her husband at the same time. She is a Spennymoor lass who saved me because we found love in each other. Which proves that Spennymoor has Love
by Mr and Misses Beeee February 28, 2017
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