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A suburban village on the west side of Monroe County, right outside of Rochester. Yes the east side is better. Indubitably the best place on the west side, however. The best schools, the least amount of douche-bag high-schoolers, and the most culturally aware residents. Best high school jazz band and wrestling team in the state.

It bleeds with Italians, but at least it's still alive. (Gates and Greece on the other hand . . .)

Close to Tahou's.

At least 15 pizza places are in delivery rage to any point.

Only 1 good bar, though.
Neighboring-town kid: "What you up to tonight?

Spencerport kid: "Oh idk - prolly go to the wrestling meet or the jazz show, score some coke in town at a coffee shop for my friends, not dress like a douche-bag, go to a club or pub in the city, stop at tahou's or whimpy's on the way back for a plate, meet up with the rest of the absurdly (in comparison) sexually attractive, clichély suburban, clique-less and genuinely decent student population at a chill-ass party, complain about rich preppy assholes from Pittsford or other east side fabricated residential tracks, and then pass out at the house b/c parents here pretty much respectfully don't give a shit b/c their children aren't as retarded as most of the mal-formed excuses for children that the towns around us occasionally leak through our borders."

Neighboring-town kid: "Oh right - you're in spencerport - guess i'll have to hit on my neighbor's cows with my in-bread girlfriend again like the last 3 nights . . ."
by mr.prufrock July 19, 2009
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Suburb of Rochester New York. Located about 10 miles of down town Rochester.
Yo that fly DJ Hyp is the ruler of Spencerport. He has all the honeies wantin his fine ass, and all the homie wantin to be him.
by Big D March 20, 2005
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