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The most hardcore person you'll meet. He's the best at everything and he also has a huge cock, is smart, athletic, funny, a great drummer, can sing, a chick magnet, and is a complete dream guy for all girls. Well he's just better than you no matter what.
Oh look at Speegle over there I'd love to get laid by him.

Speegle is the best guy I know no one is better than him.
by murk shit July 22, 2009
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He who knows how to party better than anyone else.
Dude dude did you see how fast that guy can chug.

Yeah he's definatly a Speegle.
by crazycajun69 July 26, 2009
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a term used to define an absolute ricer.

often used in online forums and chat rooms.
"i hope that speegle has 2 nawz bottles, it'll need it"

by rye guye February 21, 2008
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