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This is the equivalent to a Walmart Wolverine. The term identifies a person who believes that Michigan State football started in 2010, and has absolutely no connection to Michigan State University, is football program, or any of the success the football team has incurred since 2010. They routinely mock UM fans for not having any connection to UM and buying gear at Wal-Mart but have no connection to MSU and buy their gear at various Speedway service stations. Their lives revolve around football plays named after 1990s children's movies and hashtags revolving around the word, "Spartan," like #SpartanDawgs and #SpartansWill even though, again, they did not attend MSU. They bring attention to UM's "co-championship" in 1997, yet their last national championship, at a school they did not attend, came when Lyndon Johnson was President. They make comments like, "MSU girls are hotter!" with no chance of ever bagging an MSU girl, due to the fact that they have no connection to MSU and struggle to keep their account current at Lansing Community College. They may also have a, "Flint-Stones" tattoo on their arm. They have never been to Flint.
Those Speedway Spartans weren't alive almost two decades ago when Tom Izzo won his National Title.
by Santa's Awful Helper November 03, 2015
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