When a guido approaches slowly in his tricked out Honda Civic, speeds up for the 2 seconds it takes to pass you in order to look sweet, then immediately slows down again.
Two Second Speed Up
by CPD2011 April 20, 2011
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Analogous to "surfs up!". Communicates favorable conditions, acknowledgement lf favorable conditions, or personal readiness, acceptance or excitment regarding of impending events.

Similar to "shit's about to go down", but in a very enjoyable/exciting way.
Shotgun: "dude! the Mustang next to you wants to race, man! the lights about to turn green... are you going to do it!"

Driver: "Speeds up!"
Friend 1: "my dude! it stopped 10 guys off powder last night! snowbird is buried right now. are you cool to skip classea and ski?"

Friend 2: "Speeds up!"
by callMeIvan December 26, 2022
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