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A little meth lab & trailer park ridden area approximately 20 miles outside of the city of Tacoma (aka Tacompton) where missing teeth and walking along the main thoroughfare of Highway 7 (AKA Mountain Highway, WA) are common occurrences.

The younger males of this interesting group of hominids are usually seen in their indigenous tribal dress of backwards hats and baggy shorts, usually stolen from the local landmark of the Spanaway Wal*Mart, where they buy 0.88 pregnancy tests for their girlfriends and are seen loitering frequently in front of. Spantucky is not considered a place of ambition nor is it sought out for its natural beauty.

It includes landmarks such as: Hot-Chik-A-Latte, a stripper style barista stand; Spanaway Wal-Mart, bringer of all goods, according to locals; South End Hardware, provider of hardware, liquor, animal feed and ammunition and Roy Y Sports bar & grille, a local entertainment venue , converted from a triple wide strip club, for football games and local punk rock bands. The Roy Y Bar & Grille also offers outdoor entertainment in the form of the trailer park that surrounds it for visiting tourists.

Spantucky is bordered by Parkland, WA and Methlahem, WA.

A prostitute from Spantucky is referred to as a "Spana-Ho" and can be viewed in their natural habitat in the bus stops along highway 7.
Lets go to Southend Hardware in Spantucky but bring your wallet because they'll wanna see your ID to buy any cleaners or fertilizer.
by Lilysaramoon February 06, 2013
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