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1. Someone who has insufficient assets to cover their sexual urges

2. Someone who, due to a low reservoir, is unable to re-inflate himself after the first release.
1. Man, I need to start meeting some new girls. I'm going spankrupt over here!

2. "What do you mean you can't go a second time?! You're haven't gone spankrupt on me have you?"
by chordstricken January 15, 2009
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The lack of imaginary partners to focus and fanatize about during masturbation.
If I dont get laid soon, I'll go spankrupt!

I need to get out, I'm in danger of going into spankruptcy!

That's nasty Bro! The though of having sex with her has left me spankrupt!

I've been hand firing it so much I'm going spankrupt!
by Tugjake October 28, 2010
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