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The act of while engaged in partying... rearranging family photos, removing of all soup labels, putting random things in random places they do not belong(i.e. sharpie in the oven), or any other acts of civil disobedience that will be discovered by the unsuspecting owners of the home when they return.

Also the stealing of random table decorations.
"Why is there a vibrator in my cereal box?"
"Oh, the boys went spalunking last night."
by bobbybonanza November 29, 2011
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Medical slang for retrieving foreign objects from a womans vagina. Generally a large woman complaining of abdominal pain.
Nurse: Dr. Joe, why do you look so pale?
Dr. Joe: I just went spalunking in room 4.
Nurse: Oh, that's that really fat woman, what did you find?
Dr. Joe: Bubble gum. Still in the wrapper.
Nurse: Oh. I'd look a bit pale too.
Dr. Joe: (flipping a coin) And a Nickel.
by Dr. Spalunker September 23, 2007
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