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Spalding Hall is a building at UHM. By acting lost and trying to find Spalding Hall, the phrase "Excuse me, can you direct me to spalding hall?" quickly became the lamest pickup line ever.
{the scene: Saturday, midday. Carrying stuff from the store, obvious heading back to dorms.}

Me: Chino, check out that girl up there, she's pretty fine, eh?

{girl is hot, but obviously older and she is clearly standing closely/clinging onto a guy that is her boyfriend}

Chino: yeah.

{walk past girl, chino stops}

Chino: excuse me, can you direct us to spalding hall?

Girl: ....Uhhh? Spalding...umm, I don't know. Maybe you could ask the bookstore?

Chino: Nah, I'll just keep on wandering!

{Girl looks confused, Chino continues walking.}

Me: what.
by piro August 26, 2004
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