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Somebody who is very plain, lacking anything truly interesting about them. They feel like they need to make themself more interesting, so they purposely find abnormal things to identify themselves by. This is reminiscent of spaghetti, which is very plain until you add spaghetti sauce. Examples include, but are not limited to, learnig to ride a unicycle, buying a snake and bringing it everywhere, dying hair strang colors (often seen around the "Arts" department of many Community Colleges), or ordering only obscure cocktails at the bar.
Normal Person: Hey, how was your holiday?
Spaghetti Person: It was pretty good. I learned to play the didgeridoo.
Normal Person: Cool man. Did you do that homework assignment that's due today?
Spaghetti Person: Yea. Did you know that the didgeridoo is the worlds oldest instriment?
Normal Person: Didn't know that. Do you think I could copy that homework real quick?
Spaghetti Person: I feel totally calm when I play my didgeridoo.
Normal Person: Ok, but about that homework...
Spaghetti Person: Didgeridoo.
by SilverSpoonMan January 15, 2017
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