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Of, reffering to, in reference to, precipitate of, and pertaining to gravity. 1 Spaeth= 9.81/9.82/10/X meters per second squared where X is whatever. Gravity is defined in both direction and magnitude by whatever it is defined as currently by Mrs. Spaeth.
I am falling at acceleration due to spaeth
by Norbert Cothead May 03, 2006
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(N): anything at all, substitute in for any noun; another term for gravity when gravity can constantly chenge; A constant in physics (9.81000000003+/-L*Distance to the center of the universe-Sin(Tork):L=whatever Spaeth wants)

(V): to change gravity, can also be substituted in for any verb; to be annoyed when people say that you can change any constants, even though you can

(Adj)Spaethy: gravity-esque; substitute in for any adj ever invented; Overly intelegent

(Adv)Spaethely: anything
I Spaethed the Spaethy Spaeth Spaethely and then Spaeth Spaethy Sparth!!!!!!!
by Bobby Reck April 28, 2006
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