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1. An unusually absent minded person who often misinterprets social situations and sarcasm in humorous ways.
2. A person who fails to see cause and effect, causing humorous or obvious conclusions to be concluded.
3. A person who is or seems to be a catalyst for strange events. When around a type 3 Spacekees strange events take place, either as a direct result of the presence, or just by pure coincidence.
4. A person who can be occupied with (seemingly) unimportant and/or trivial objects.

The origin of the word "Spacekees", arguably, comes from Dutch 'stoner' circles, where the words "spacend" and "kees" were appended. Spacend meaning 'seemingly unreal' or 'mind blowing', and Kees being a stereotypical Dutch name (which is nowadays often used in humorous context).

Nowadays the use of the word has spread to other circles, which do not necessarily need a connection to mind-altering drugs. Now and then it is just shortened to "Kees" in very clear contexts.
<A CD is placed on a table while Spacekees isn't looking>
Damn, a CD, appearing from thin air! Awesome!
by Spacekees January 04, 2008
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