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A cock so big, it reaches outerspace. People with extremely small penises may claim to have one...It is usually untrue.
Girl: I wanna get with that guy I heard he has a spacecock
by MichelleFuckingUrrutia August 12, 2011
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Legend has it if you say this word at least 9 times in the bathroom alone with the lights off while spinning in circles wearing nothing but spongebob underwear, the ghost of the royal and lovely chicken will visit you and grant you 88 buckets of fried chicken and an blow up sex doll.
Bob was feeling really lonely one night so he decided to hit up one of his friends named Peter. Peter told him the legend of Space Cock which had Bob shook :0 bob then decided to put on his spongebob undies and summon the ghost of the royal and lovely chicken. He wasn’t lonely anymore as he had 88 buckets of fried chicken and his new sex doll friend Patricia.
by Hot pizza lover 6669 February 28, 2018
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When a loyal nigga finds any phenomenon which has a chance of being cursed speak this holy word to be blessed by the holy homie in three persons

BigNigga saw some strange objects sticking out of the ground and began to chant “Space Cock”

From the heavens, the holy homie blessed him with fifteen family buckets of fried chicken

BigNigga lived on to have three children with his wife. He died from diabetes at age fourty-eight weighing sevenhundred pounds
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by ElevenInchesFlacid February 27, 2018
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