An occurrence or temporary paralysis of the leg(s) and feet immediately following an extended stay on the toilet whilst using a mobile device.

This is a result of ones leg(s) lacking the needed oxygen to function properly. Difficulty walking or controlling ones leg(s) or feet and often appearing as a limp to a third party.

Texting, Tweeting, Instagram, Facebook, pinterest are all common causes of Spaceboots.

This can be alleviated by discreetly bending ones knees multiple times while rinsing hands to restore leg functionality prior to exiting the restroom.
Co Worker Joe: Dude, why are you walking so funny?

Paul: I got a wicked case of spaceboots following a Instagram binge on the toilet.

Coworker: Weak.
by Swampfox1 October 3, 2013
I had soo Much fun last night w/ Chinaindia. My Spaceboots is wavey!
by chinasellyxx October 10, 2010
Noun--A person with a freakishly large cast/boot on there leg, A crippled fella
"Damn you have a giant spaceboot you cripple!!"
by koolykid December 20, 2009