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A phenomena in which you are free floating in space in a pressurized space suit. You then stick your fully erect penis out of your suit and into space. Your entire body is then sucked out into space through the whole made by your penis, but the resulting sensation before death is the best hand job ever. Provided by Mother Nature.
Houston: "Make sure you collect enough moon rocks"

Astronaut: "Houston, we might have a problem. I'm getting a space job"
by Astronaught773 March 07, 2014
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The process of getting a blow-job from Megan Fox while on a NASA space ship.
Hey guys, did you hear about John getting a space job during spring break? Megan fox blow-job space NASA ship
by Rodney Scholar February 23, 2010
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The act of stroking someone's ego incessantly on Myspace, commenting about them to the point where you look stupid or desperate.
When you're done giving Magical Trevor a spacejob, go check out my new pics.
by The Madam November 23, 2007
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