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the alter ego of Ace Frehley of kiss. Frehley the coolest cat out there and the word should never be used in a bad way
Ean dressed as Space Ace for Halloween.
by Hunter Blake January 24, 2006
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An arcade game that was the made after the release of dragons lair (its predecessor) they made a game in the setting in space. Was released April 29, 1984 and was the just like dragons lair, also costed 50 cents.
1: Hey wanna go to the arcade and play Space Ace?
2: Naw man 50 cents is expensive
by spaceacefan345 April 17, 2015
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A cock knocker who is also a cock sucker and a little bit of a bitch
That SpaceAce is a real SpaceAce
by J November 24, 2003
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