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Main Entry: Soviet Rage
Pronunciation: \ˈsō-vē-ˌet ˈrāj\

Function: Noun

A rare form of unconsciousness where the victim often blacks out, either from stress or anger; often this symptom is accompanied by uncontrolled, furious bouts of violence whilst the victim is unaware of his actions. Often the subject wakes up after these bouts to find himself completely unaware of the destruction and chaos that he has caused. Although the name suggests that this sickness pertains to Communist leaders in Russia, many other party members across the world often suffer from this disease, as it is inherent in the genetic makeup of many communist politicians.
Josef Stalin suffered from severe bouts of Soviet rage; After his tirade following the betrayal by Nazi Germany, he awoke to find himself surrounded by smoke, death, and destruction - when the chaos settled, 60 million people were killed, Europe was ravaged by war and many more suffered from Stalin's Soviet Rage.

Mao Zedong forced millions on the march during the Great Leap Forward - Although he gained supernatural strength from his bouts of Soviet Rage, many others who could not keep up were killed in the arduous journey.

Pol Pot suffered from so much Soviet Rage, that he committed the Cambodian Massacre - When he woke from his terrible crusade of violence on his deathbed, he killed himself from the guilt.

Sargent Reznov, voiced by Gary Oldman, is a fictional character who exemplifies the terrible effects of Soviet Rage - he is undaunted by thousands of bullet wounds, grenade blasts, explosions and other injuries of the like, and often shows no remorse for German soldiers, who he frequently executes in glee. His constant shouting, dark hatred, and even a lack of sympathy of his own comrades, shows the terrible side effects of Soviet Rage.
by Dr.Rage, PhD August 31, 2009
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Blacking out from rage only to see when everything comes back in to focus mass devastation.
Joseph Stalin suffered from so much soviet rage that when the smoke settled 60 million people were dead.
by The_Raft February 25, 2009
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