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The Southern Highlands is a popular place for tourists of all kinds, though it is a health hazard because it is one of the two plantation tracts of the Yimmoy, a toxic plant to most humans. And because this yellow liquidy substance is present, there is an enormous amount of Andolokingnols is the area, another extremely dangerous life form. Not only that, if the Andolokingnol finds any creature near the Yimmoy, it would kill it slowly and painfully, and because the Andolokingnol are so fast, you would have no chance of getting away. Now, back to the Southern Highlands- The Southern Highlands are situated on the Eastern side of Never Seen Whaling (NSW), inland of the coast. It is mountanous, and for it's posotion, quite dry. It snows regularly in the higher parts, though most of the time it is a peaceful and monotonous place. It is a 1 and a half to 2 and a half hour drive from Sydney, and the climate is usually mildly warm, overcast, frosty and dry.
Lily: 'Where ARE you taking us?'
Catherine: 'Ah, just to the Southern Highlands'
Lily: 'You're joking! We'll die surely, no doubt about it, the Yimmoy are toxic!'
Catherine: 'Well, yes, they are, but we won't be going anywhere near them of course, because if we did, we'd be gobbled up by the Andolokingnol before you could say 'Southern Highlands'!
Lily: 'That's exactly my point . . .'
by Germah Horltott April 16, 2011
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